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Introduction/How to Use this Book
1. The Why (and How) of Praying
2. The Center of our Faith: Kemetic Orthodox Ritual of the Senut
3. Prayers and Hymns for Specific Gods
4. Prayers and Hymns for Specific Goddesses
5. Prayers and Rituals for the Ancestors/Blessed Dead
6. Family Prayers
7. Children's Prayers and Rituals
8. Blessing Prayers
9. Protection Prayers
10. Rituals and Magical Utterances (Hekau)
11. Daily and Holiday Prayers

Appendix I: The Names of Netjer (English and Egyptian forms of divine names)
Appendix II: Concordance for Translation Sources
Appendix III: The Kemetic Orthodox Festival Calendar
Appendix IV: Bibliography/For Further Study

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