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Rev. Tamara L. Siuda is the founder and current Nisut (spiritual leader) of the Kemetic Orthodox Faith, a modern practice of the ancient Egyptian religion.  She established the religion in its present form and founded its first modern temple, the Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer, in Chicago, Illinois in February, 1989.

She is also a professional Egyptologist with a master's degree in Egyptology from the University of Chicago (2000) and a second master's degree in Coptic (later Egyptian) Studies from Macquarie University Sydney (2007). Rev. Siuda is currently engaged in doctoral research on the surviving traditions of ancient Egyptian liturgy and has been initiated into several Western and African traditions, bringing both academic and esoteric expertise to her work.

Rev. Siuda's first Egypt-related book, The Neteru of Kemet: An Introduction, was published in 1994 and she has authored a number of academic and mainstream articles, papers and publications in addition to the Prayerbook. She is a frequent speaker on ancient Egyptian religion at academic and interfaith conferences as well as in interviews for various books, magazines and television.

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